Zopiclone 7.5mg


Zopiclone has a sedative, hypnotic effect, which are due to a high degree of affinity for binding sites at the GABA receptor complex in the central nervous system. Rapidly causes sleep, without decreasing the phase of fast sleep in its structure, and then maintains sleep with the preservation of the normal phase composition

Insomnia in our time – quite a frequent problem. Insomnia is called sleep disturbance, which is characterized by insufficient duration or unsatisfactory quality of sleep over a long period of time. It negatively affects health, mood and labor activity. In this case, it can develop into a chronic, and chronic insomnia can lead to diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous systems, etc. Sleep – a reflection of human health, one of the components of the quality of our lives. It affects our health and our mood no less than the period of wakefulness. A good sleep is determined not by the number of hours you sleep, but by the quality of sleep during these hours and by the state of health after sleep.

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